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Bkav Pro Mobile – The best protection for your smartphone (Voted by Viet Nam Information Security Association VNISA).
Bkav Pro Mobile is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which automatically detects malicious software threatening to hack bank accounts of users, thereby ensuring the safety of banking transactions on smartphones. In addition to protecting banking transactions, an outstanding feature of Bkav Pro Mobile is its ability to block SMS spams up to 100%. With SmartScan technology, Bkav Pro Mobile detects the latest virus trends regardless of updating virus signature database. The product is also equipped with technologies of blocking unwanted calls, anti-theft, locating your phone, backing up contacts, messages, calls and many other features and utilities.

Bkav Pro Mobile support the operating systems: Android, iOS

You can install the software through Google Play (Android), App Store (iOS) or directly download its setup file to your phone and install.

You can order the product here.

Operating system: Android
iOS, Symbian, Blackberry
Windows Phone
Phone number:
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Protect banking transactions
• Bkav Pro Mobile is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which automatically detects malicious software threatening to hack bank accounts of users, thereby ensuring the safety of banking transactions on smartphones.
• Real-time protection.
• Scans for malware, spyware and Trojans.
• Uses Smart Scan technology, detecting viruses that automatically send high-cost messages, steal bank accounts.
• Uses cloud computing technology, ensures the automatic updates of virus definitions.
• Auto-detecting malicious apps upon its installation on your phone.
• Supports daily and weekly scheduled scans.

Call & SMS Block, Anti SMS spam
• The software is equipped with Smart Filter, which automatically blocks up to 100% of SMS spams. In addition, Smart Filter automatically blocks missed fraudulent calls from satellite phones and from other “look like normal” numbers. Users can also get the feature block calls and SMS by numbers or by keywords appearing in the SMS’ content.
Optimization and Cleaning
• Deeply search and clean all memory issues, temporary running apps, temporary files/folders generated by apps or OS during their operations. Optimize your smartphone to increase its effectiveness.
Privacy Mode
• You can set up a mode which blocks all evening calls from numbers which are not in your Contacts; this mode can be applied for weekdays or weekends. Besides, you can use this mode during a meeting.
• Locates your lost or stolen phone. With smartphones running Android 4.0 onwards, you need to turn GPS on to use this feature.
• Performs remote phone locks and data wipe in emergency locks (users of smartphones with an arrow in the middle of the System Bar, please contact Bkav Contact Center to get timely support).
• Detects change of SIM card, you will receive the new phone number if the thief insert another SIM card into your phone.
• Bkav Pro Mobile the event of changing SIM by sending SMS, and perform some anti-theft features at the user's command by sending SMS when the phone does not have Internet connection.
1. Bkav Pro Mobile sends SMS to network operators.
2. The network operators forward messages to Bkav switchboard number.
3. Bkav handles and sends feedback via SMS to the network operators.
4. The network operators forward feedback from Bkav to the phone.

• Sounds an alarm even when your phone is in silent mode.

Find my Phone
• You only need sending a message to locate the coordinate of your stolen or lost phone.
• Visit website, enter the coordinate to find the current position of your stolen phone on map.

Backup & Restore
• Securely backs up contacts, messages, call logs to Bkav Cloud or SD Card.
• Restores your data in a quick and simple way.
• Provides online access to your data from any computers, any phones and from anywhere.

Privacy Advisor
• Scans and produces warnings about the applications that might access your sensitive data like Contacts, SMS, phone location, etc... Especially, detects and removes eavesdropping apps on your mobile.
• Scans and produces warnings about softwares trying to connect to the Internet, softwares that consume large amount of 3G/2G network traffic.

Hide private conent
• Private SMS
- Hide important/sensitive messages in your device’s inbox to avoid the risk of disclosure.
• Private call
- Hide important/sensitive calls from your call logs to avoid the risk of disclosure..
• Private contact list
- Hide important/sensitive contacts from your contact list to avoid the risk of disclosure..
- All private contact information (including messages, call logs) shall be hidden from inbox or call diary and only available upon your log-in at “Hide private content” on Bkav Pro Mobile.
• Private pictures and videos
- Hide personal/sensitive pictures and videos from gallery, collections, videos on your device.
• App Locker
- Lock apps that should not be used by some one other than you.
- To use the locked apps, logging in Hide private content is required.
• Private documents
- Hide private documents (such as Word files, musical files, downloaded files etc.) to avoid the risk of disclosure.
• Private notes
- You can take notes in Private notes.
- Contents of your private notes shall not be seen by others but you, logging-in “Hide private content”.
• Private content backup and restore
- Back up and restore your private data/content, avoiding the risk of data/conent lost.

Feature List

Features Android iOS
Protect banking transactions
Call & SMS Block, Anti SMS spam
Optimization and Cleaning
Privacy Mode
Find My Phone
Backup & Restore
Privacy Advisor, Safe browsing

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