Bkav Pro Mobile

The best protection for your smartphone

(Voted by Viet Nam Information Security Association VNISA)

Bkav Pro Mobile is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which automatically detects malicious software threatening to hack bank accounts of users, thereby ensuring the safety of banking transactions on smartphones.

In addition to protecting banking transactions, an outstanding feature of Bkav Pro Mobile is its ability to block SMS spams up to 100%.

With SmartScan technology, Bkav Pro Mobile detects the latest virus trends regardless of updating virus signature database.

The product is also equipped with technologies of blocking unwanted calls, anti-theft, locating your phone, backing up contacts, messages, calls and many other features and utilities.

Bkav Pro Mobile support the operating systems: Android, iOS

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Account Management

(Use for Backup data, Anti-Theft, Find phone)


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